Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October MCM Expo 2012

Hey guys!

Sorry its been such a long time since I last posted! I haven't had anything to post about really :/

Weekend just gone was the London MCM Expo. I go to at least one every year in cosplay, but this year was the first time I'd actually made my own cosplay so it was a slightly different experience.It was a lot more satisfying and I had a tonne of photos taken and made children smile. Job well done I think! However coming back to reality was horrible, I had such a convention hangover on Monday morning. Luckily for me theres a Comic Con this coming weekend in the city where I live, so I'll just bring myself down gently on that. The only thing that went wrong was that part of my costume broke on Saturday morning, so I had to black gaffer tape it the whole weekend -_-' I will repair that later today in readiness for Sunday. Photo time!


5th November edit!!
Sneaky Zebra's videos out! Although the Zelda group was filmed, we didn't make the final cut :'( Still an awesome watch ;)

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