Tuesday, 2 October 2012

First week of course!

Hey everyone!
I have been back for two days, and everyone seems to have the year two blues. Like everyone on my course seems to have cried about something in the past two days XD It could be because we are mourning absent friends. Although, some aren't 100% absent, just had to retake year one so we still see them! But it is sad we won't be able to go to Japan together. Only about half of year one made it to year two, which is a really sobering thought.

The way we are learning Japanese this year is completely different as well. We start off with listening and speaking exercises, translations etc THEN read the grammar notes. I kind of see why its being done like this, grammar notes are dull as hell and this way we are using language more, trying to recognise grammar we don't understand which will serve us better in Japan when we come to immersion. All Kanji is self study this year too, but even last year it basically was. But altogether I'd say theres about twice the self study, things are going to get really intense! We have loads more reading/translation classes though, which I love ^.^

I am also looking to Modern Japanese Society this year. Its essentially a continually assessed module (yay no exam) on various aspects of...well modern Japanese society. However the reading list is literally about 9 pages long and I wanted to cry D': but luckily we are supposed to work in groups and scan read things then pass on the info to others!! Useful. As for Business, just looks like a lot of coursework and very few exams in January which I hope will be a nice change. Last year was all exams and no coursework!

Even though I only need 40% to pass this year and go to Japan, it does count towards my final grade. This year I'm going to aim for a first!!


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