Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! 明けましておめでとう!!
I shall be reviewing The Hobbit and Life of Pi soon! Also maybe Les Mes and Django Unchained if I get round to seeing them.

Here is some Life of Pi trailers with Japanese subs (couldn't find a dub version yet) Movie title in Japanese is ライフ・オブ・パイ, novel’s title is パイの物語。

*Upon checking, I can't seem to find any dub footage of the above mentioned films, so I shall wait a few weeks and see if a dub for any of them in released :)*

Also, I went fishing with my Dad the other day round the Gulf Islands, it was so beautiful!

Wishing everyone the best for the New Year!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

First V&A Meet May 2011

Hey guys!
In the middle of assignment mess atm so I haven't had much to write about here D':
I remembered the other day that there was a big V&A meet in May 2011 so I thought I'd just post the pics up from that!! Enjoy

Credit goes to Kieran Kerrigan

(Victoria train station) Took me ages to notice this: Look directly in between the two lolis.

I'm so grateful to know all these girls! The UK loli community is the best >.<

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cardiff Comic Con

Sorry this is a week late >.< Heres some pics I took at the Cardiff Comic Con. I had great fun and wore my Zelda cosplay again, to get more wear out of it! I won the cosplay competition and won around £150 worth prizes from Keep it Secret! Thanks so much guys!

Seriously made my day! Plank!

Daw kid cosplay is so adorable!

With Anime Soc :)

I had to go fix that beer for him XD The managers seemed to be really relaxed about us going behind bar lol.

Ummm drinking on the job, 'The Emperor will not be pleased'

My prize!! Thanks so much!


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October MCM Expo 2012

Hey guys!

Sorry its been such a long time since I last posted! I haven't had anything to post about really :/

Weekend just gone was the London MCM Expo. I go to at least one every year in cosplay, but this year was the first time I'd actually made my own cosplay so it was a slightly different experience.It was a lot more satisfying and I had a tonne of photos taken and made children smile. Job well done I think! However coming back to reality was horrible, I had such a convention hangover on Monday morning. Luckily for me theres a Comic Con this coming weekend in the city where I live, so I'll just bring myself down gently on that. The only thing that went wrong was that part of my costume broke on Saturday morning, so I had to black gaffer tape it the whole weekend -_-' I will repair that later today in readiness for Sunday. Photo time!


5th November edit!!
Sneaky Zebra's videos out! Although the Zelda group was filmed, we didn't make the final cut :'( Still an awesome watch ;)