Monday, 4 November 2013

Hey all!!

Hey everyone. Just an update of what I have been doing with my life this week! Halloween, school teaching and Tokyo Weekend.

As always this is a small selection of this weeks photos, for me check out my tumblr!

Monday, 28 October 2013

I have been in Japan for a month, sorry this is the first post XD

Hey guys.
Wow first of all I am so sorry I have not updated. I have been updating my tumblr daily because I wanted to keep a 'picture based diary' of my year and tumblr's format is much more conducive to this. If you want to be bombarded with daily pictures of the random (mis)adventures I get up to on a (nearly) day to day basis then you can follow me here. I shall try to update this blog once a week too though, the posts will probably be more text based.

So heres a whirlwind random selection of pics of the past few weeks and I aim to keep you guys more frequently updated on here some time next week!!

 *psst* I was interviewed for TV...

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Also if you have any questions about living in Japan, Japanese language or just want a chat my mailbox is always open!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tea Party Club's 2013 extravaganza: Frock On!

Hey guys!
As some of you may remember Tea Party Club last year organised the epic JetJ event. Well, this year (somehow) was bigger and better! Here are my Frock On! Photos!

The hotel was suitably epic. The 3rd photo is 1/3 of the ladies bathroom btw...

I was in the fashion show so I went Friday night for rehearsals. This was when all of the clothes arrived to be sorted! 

Saturday morning, models making sure we know what we need to do!

The attendees waiting to get in!

I modelled for Lief! It was so exciting and I loved the dress!

The main dealers room.

I was also a volunteer. My job was to help Grimoire's Hitomi with her shop for a few hours. She was so lovely! I hope I can visit her shop in Shinjuku whilst I am in Japan!

Each attendee recieved a chocolate! Volunteers also received a small gift. I got a TPC necklace! (not pictured)

Final goodbyes at the station.

It was so much fun! I met so many wonderful lolitas from the UK, Europe and even further! It was also a great honour to meet Hitomi-san. I'm really happy everyone liked my outfit, it was all handmade so I was a bit nervous that it would just fall apart when I wore it XD

 Thank you so much TPC for continuing to put on these events!!