Saturday, 1 September 2012

V&A Loli-pop!!

Hey! As promised I will write about last night's meet!
 Unfortunately I actually didn't take many photos -_-' But when the photographers who were there upload their photos, with their permission provided, I shall link theirs on here :) Here are the pics I did get!

 My co-ordinate!
 Make up shot!
 I met up with two of my university friends and we went for drinks at Speedy's, which is a filming location from the BBC Sherlock series >.< Just on the left is 221B Baker Street. (Although this is in Euston)
 This guy is Daniel Lismore of Sorapol. He is a bit of a fashion idol of mine, he looks fabulous in whatever he wears. You can follow him on facebook!
 Felicity of Now Voyager!I just love her hair accessories and plan on buying one of those little birds in pink for next weeks meet >.< You can visit her online store here!
 Keeping it classy at the end of the evening with a burger on the way home :P
 I managed to finally put another entry into my purikura book! (プリクラ)There was free purikura booths last night >.<
One of my university friends recently came back from Japan and I asked him to pick this up for me >.< I had a major fan girl moment :3 I have been watching the DVD which comes with it today! Very good practice for Japanese as theres no subtitles!

All in all, it was a very fun evening! I met lolitas I'd never met before, and caught up with ones I had. I also met some really lovely members of the public and photographers whos enthusiasm and genuine curiosity for the fashion was very uplifting. Thank you V&A for holding such a wonderful event!

I shall be updating this post as I find albums and other links relevant to last night!

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