Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tea Party Club's 5th Anniversary with Juliette et Justine and GLB!

Oh. My. God. Today was just so very very epic. I am so proud of how far the British Lolita community has come. I was also amazed at how many international lolitas attended! I think there were lolitas here today from every corner of the globe!

Here are some of the pics I got from the event plus pics of the goodies I got 8D
 My co-ord for the day

Mmmm, cocktails :3
 The wonderful guests of honour! I'm sorry this isn't a great pic of them but I was sat at a really awkward angle from them D:

 Team drinking Mojitos in the middle of the day! We won the scavenger hunt!The prize is in a pic below!

On with the Fashion Show!!
What really surprised me about the above co-ord was the crown head dress. I personally really love them. However like all fashions, looks go in cycles and I think these went 'out of fashion' a few years ago. However I noticed in GLB earlier that Angelic Pretty is producing a crown head dress to go with Cinema Doll. Maybe they're making a come back? I do hope so because I want one!
 I want this print to badly! Its called La Bibliotheque.
 Same print different colourway

 So many beautiful lolitas and so many beautiful co-ords!

Now onto the goodies! I was a VIP so I got a goodie bag which came in the bag below.
 Inside was a copy of Neo, a cute note pad, a commemorative brooch for the event and a hair bow by Peacockalorum/Stocking Shock whos stores can be found here and here
 As mentioned in the V&A post last week, I intended to buy a bird hair accessory from Now Voyager which I did! Its so beautiful and I have every intention of buying from them again! The price was very good and its just really beautiful. I hope to buy one of their boat hair accessories in the future! Again the website for them is here. Suzuki san of GLB named her Chi-chan :3
 The current issue of GLB
 Postcard signed by Nakamura san and Suzuki san!
 The Scavanger Hunt prize!

I also won a wig in the raffle from Lockshop whos store can be found here. I did take it out quickly to take a look and its wonderful quality and I'm looking forward to wearing it! I didn't want to disturb it again and take it out because I'm terrible at tangling wigs!

Finally here is a group shot of everybody! Thanks very much to Anarchy Photography for letting me use this!

Today was just so very spectacular and great fun! I also got to try on a bonnet for the first time and found that they actually quite suit me to my delight! So next time I'm buying a piece I'm definitely going to have bonnets as an accessory on the brain! What was especially nice about the event was that in addition to the goods that JetJ and GLB bought for us to buy, there were also independent UK stores that were able to showcase their wares and for people to see in person and buy.

At the end the main event organiser, Kyra, got proposed to by her partner. It was so beautiful and I cried, as did everyone else! I wish them all the best for their future!

Thank you everyone who organised and attended for making this so special! Britain definitely did the International Lolita Community proud!


EDIT SUNDAY: I just found out I won the Illustration competition, so my artwork is going to be published in glb. I'm so happy :'D
I believe it is this picture that is being published!

P.S As with the V&A meet I shall post on here when others have uploaded their albums and blog posts!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos. Everyone looks amazing!! And a proposal? How lovely!

    1. No problem :) I'm glad that you enjoyed looking at it :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! It was epic! So many beautiful girls and coords (:

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your pics and writing this! *-* I envy you girls so much! But in a good way hehe
    I am more and more in love with the library dress! Can't wait to have it here *-*
    The girls were gorgeous! So did you ^^ I like your hat a lot!