Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Yayyy, doing tourism in my area!

Hey guys!

My Japanese friend from University came to stay for a few days so I took her around a few local attractions and we had a lot of fun. I've never been around Cambridge University, so that was fun! I also love taking pictures of churches and enjoy ;)

 ANYWAYS. Useful stuff for this post. I was going through some essays I'd written in Japanese with my friend and she corrected things and made suggestions for better words etc. She then got me to read them aloud, which was actually quite hard! (Especially with all the kanji.) Most importantly of all, she corrected my accent. So, if you have a Japanese person to hand great. Get them to do that. If not, listen and copy. Listen very carefully to the tone of voice and whats being said. I discovered that Japanese when spoken is a lot flatter than I thought. In English our voice gets higher a lot in mid sentence. In Japanese this is not so, unless asking a question. So today's tip: Practice trying to keep the tone of your voice flatter when speaking! It apparently gets rid of your foreign accent! (According to my friend.)


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