Monday, 2 July 2012

How to procrastinate and still get useful things done

So, how am I spending my very, very long holiday?
My recommendation to anyone at university, especially those that have to spend a year abroad, would be to get a job over summers and save up some money. Unfortunately this hasn't panned out too well for me so far, but I shall persevere!
Today I started to learn how to use a sewing machine in preparation for making my cosplay, the progress of which I shall make a separate blog for. Its a lot harder than it looks!! I'm sort of hoping my mother will take pity on me and just do the sewing bit so I can get on with the hand painting! I am also indulging into drawing and painting, as I haven't had much time for them this year.

(Above: My terrible samples...)

Basically, summer is a good time to get all the other things done that you want to during the year that you don't necessarily have time for *ahem* like trying to watch the whole of One Piece 8D. Next post I shall write about the urban legend of being able to learn Japanese from anime and drama, and how you can actually utilise them as learning aids.
Be Creative!! Creativity counts towards being productive!! (I hope)

And I shall leave you guys with a doodle I did earlier. Aww look, Luffy is happy to see you.

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