Sunday, 25 November 2012

First V&A Meet May 2011

Hey guys!
In the middle of assignment mess atm so I haven't had much to write about here D':
I remembered the other day that there was a big V&A meet in May 2011 so I thought I'd just post the pics up from that!! Enjoy

Credit goes to Kieran Kerrigan

(Victoria train station) Took me ages to notice this: Look directly in between the two lolis.

I'm so grateful to know all these girls! The UK loli community is the best >.<


  1. This was another epic meeting! You have so many cool places to go and great meetings ^^

    1. Sorry I haven't been thoroughly checking things in a while otherwise I would have replied sooner! I love London and the UK for meets, the community here is so active and welcoming.